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Molecular Resonance Effect Technology

Invented by Dr. Igor Smirnov


QB Scribe

Our Usual Price: S$900.00


QB Scribe

Our latest and flagship product, QB Scribe MRET Resonator System is specifically designed to be portable, perfect for both indoors and outdoors; offices and homes. Based on MRET Water technology, QB Scribe is your answer to a brand new life.


MRET Water Nanotechnology

Invented by scientist Igor Smirnov (Ph.D.), MRET Water Nanotechnology is a patented technology which activates liquids so that our bodies can absorb liquids 3 to 6 times faster, resulting in many countless and profound effects on our human bodies.

About Quantum Biotech

Established over 26 years ago and with an international presence of over 10 countries, Quantum Biotech is driven by a mission to improve your life through the use of cutting-edge technologies, and provide you with excellent customer service and support.

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