Case Study 1: Mr Manop Chanteeanukhun

Mr Manop Chanteeanukhun is a 63 years old Thai labourer. He suffers from psoriasis, a chronic skin condition which is marked by acute itchiness and red sores. His only medication was over-the-counter antihistamines. He has little money to consult medical doctors.

He was introduced to MRET Activated Water. Every day, he drank 3 glasses of MRET Water without any medication. After 7 days, the lesions faded with lesser itching. Two months later, the lesions have completely disappeared. Four moths later, his hands and feet recovered with symptoms of skin rejuvenation.

Case Study 2: Mrs Thongsai Sukkavee

At first, Mrs Thongsai, aged 82, was panting heavily. She was immediately warded. Then a few days later, she suffered from a brain stroke. She was treated by a team of doctors with the best medication for 4 days. There was ZERO sign of improvement.

Then, Dr Peerayot Trongsawad requested the therapeutic team to replace regular water with MRET Activated Water into the ND tube — 20ml every 4 hours together with the medications. Four days later, Mrs Thongsai showed signs of recovery.

One month consumption of MRET Activated water, she was able to breath on her own without any medical support. Two months later, she has fully recovered.

Case Study 3: AIDS Patients at Wat Phrabaatnamphu 

The study was conducted on 38 AIDS patients at Wat Phrabaatnamphu. Every day, all patients consumed 1.5 litres of Activated MRET Water in addition to the prescribed Antiretroviral (ARV) and Symptomatic medicines. During the study, they were tested for CD4 counts and have to submit weekly reports.

The study showed that 36 patients showed significant improvement while 2 patient showed no improvement in their health condition. Two patients where selected to undergo further test at Bangkok Pathology Laboratories to test for CD4 level (immune system) and Viral Load (amount of virus present in body).

The tests revealed a CD4 increase from 2 to 840 for one patient and from 90 to 805 for another. Their viral load was less than 50 with a range from 50 — 5000 counts/ml.

Case Study 4: Mrs Chanai Thueng

Mrs Chanai Thueng suffered a heart attack. She was diagnosed with myocardial infarct, hypertension, hyperliperdemia and diabetes Type II. She showed signs of weakness and could not walk.

She started to drink 3 glasses of Activated MRET Water each day together with the medications. Two days later, she recovered. She looked fresh, spoke loudly and could walk 1km to the doctor’s office to collect the MRET Water.

One week later, she was up doing her daily household work. Many of her friends in the neighbourhood was surprised at her fast recovery.

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