Research Shows Heart Attack Patient Recovers After Drinking Activated Water


This particular article relates to a fundamental nature on how MRET Activated water with the modified molecular structure, physical and electrodynamic characteristics may enhance specific molecular mechanisms in living cells. The anomalous proton activity, electrodynamic characteristics and viscosity of MRET Activated water provide some evi-dence regarding its possible effect on electrical activity and proper function of the cells. Most cells and tissues have elec-trical properties relevant to their natural function. The liv-ing cells and tissues have rather complex structure, consisting of the folding membranes, the specialized connections, and organelles. The localization of electrical properties is particu-larly important, since each of the complex structures must be expected to have a specific role in the electrical function of the tissue. MRET Activated water with modified proton activity and electrical conductivity can also have ability to enhance a proton pump activity of the cells. As a result it may lead to the restoration of the transduction signaling and the restoration of normal cellular functions. The clinical observation proves the validity of the proposed hyposisis.

MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) is a Patented Technology under US Patent No.6022479.

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