Research Shows AIDS Patients Improve After Drinking Activated Water


This particular article relates to a fundamental nature on how MRET Activated water with the modified molecular structure may enhance specific molecular mechanisms in living cells. The anomalous proton activity, modified electrodynamic characteristics and viscosity of MRET Activated water provide some evidence regarding the effect of MRET Activated water on electrical activity and proper function of the cells. Most cells and tissues have electrical properties relevant to their natural function. The living cells and tissues have rather complex structure, consisting of the folding membranes, the specialized connections, and organelles. The localization of electrical properties is particularly important, since each of the complex structures is expected to have a specific role in the electrical function of the tissue. MRET Activated water with modified proton activity and electrical conductivity can also have ability to enhance a proton pump activity of the cells. As a result it may lead to the restoration ofthe transduction signaling and the restoration of normal cellular functions. The clinical observation on patients suffering from AIDS disease proves the validity of the proposed hyposisis.

MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) is a Patented Technology under US Patent No.6022479.

Customers who Have Benefited From Drinking MRET Activated Water

  • In year 2000, I was diagnosed with brain tumor. I was started on chemotherapy but gave up as I could not stand the side effects. I was then given radiotherapy but could not tolerate it either. I decided to go for spiritual treatment. Despite this, I have daily headaches and had to resort to taking strong pain killers. Every now and then I would have a severe attack with partial paralysis. My husband would have to take me to hospital. In July 2007, my husband bought a MRET machine and gave me the MRET water to drink. After one month, all my headache stopped. I no longer had the paralytic fits and stopped all my pain killers.
  • I have been on hypertension treatment for more than 10 years. In February 2009, my BP readings were high and i was feeling unwell. On 18/3/09, I went to see my local GP, He did X-Ray, ECG and Blood Profile for me, X-Ray and ECG normal. However the doctor told me I was suffering from Type Il Diabetes. My fasting sugar was 7. Im.mol and HBA1C was 7.3%. Urine protein trace. He prescribed Glucophage for me and told me to medication immediately. l decided to consult another who suggested I my drinking MRET water. On 20/3/09, I went to Salus Care Sdn Bhd (the Country Distributor of MRET in Malaysia) and bought myself a MRET machine after the technology. 22/3/09, I telephoned my doctor and told him that I felt really different I was no longer tired, I passed less  urine and the urine was clear (not frothy as before). On 25/3/09, I went to Salus Care Sdn Bhd and had my blood sugar checked after a heavy lunch. To my surprise, my blood sugar was 5.3 m.mo1. My BP also dropped back to normal. I am glad I fried MRET water first before starting medication as I was told that medication once started was for life.

    LOH K.K Age 40 54
  • In March 2003, I was admitted to Gleneagles for severe abdominal pain. An ultrasound of my abdomen showed a rather large mass (5.1×4.2×3.5cm) in the liver (probably a hemangioma). Because of this liver mass, I 1) could not eat anything oily (eg. KFC), 2) suffer from severe chest pain and heart burn daily, 3) had severe palpitation every night, 4) suffer from insomnia and “horror” dreams. I was very depressed as I could not enjoy life like my friends. In July 2008, my aunty introduced me to MRET water. The moment I drank MRET water, 1) my chest pain and heart burn disappeared, 2) I could sleep without palpitation and “horror” dreams, 3) the pores in my face also closed up after few months. But the most important thing is that I could eat KFC again! In Jan 2011, I felt all the above symptoms coming back. On checking, I found that the polymer had expired. I immediately called up the distributor and brought my MRET machine in to change the polymer. I just had no choice because I cannot do without the MRET water.

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