QB Scribe – Quantum Biotech MRET Water Resonator System



QB Scribe MRET Water Resonator System is your perfect companion to enjoy MRET water anywhere, anytime. Through the use of a specially designed polymer, it uses Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) to activate liquids. Activated liquids enhance hydration capacities and are easily absorbed by the tissues of the body. MRET water penetrates into your cells about 3x to 6x faster than regular water.

Ergonomically designed, it is suitable for home and outdoor usage. It comes with a provision for 2 AA sizes batteries and thus is perfect for travel, barbecue and picnic. Its features include a 30 minutes programmable indication system, 2 years fore warning system and termination after 7200 hours of usage.

The QB MRET Resonator System Pack (QB Scribe) contains the following:
1. Main Activator Unit with Battery Cover
2. Small Bottle Collar
3. 2100ml Food Grade Polycarbonate Cold Water Jug with Anti-Leak Switch Lid
4. AC Adapter (Suitable for input 100V – 240 Volts)
5. Rubber Water Tap Adapter
6. Faucet Adapter
7. All About MRET Book
8. Accessories pouch

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Battery Operation.

AC Power Operation.

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