he unique activation process allows our products to be used on any types of liquids, not just water.

The process can improve the taste of juices, milk, wines and even oils.

MRET can be used to:
• brew more aromatic tea and coffee
• boil tastier soup
• boil healthier food
• enhance the taste of fried food using MRET-activated oil
• eliminate unpleasant critic flavours in juices
• wash meat and vegetables with strong germicidal effects
• hydrate the skin and improve the skin’s condition
• cleanse wounds
• sterilise infected skin
• relieve nappy rash
• grow healthier plants
• grow fresher and longer-lasting flowers

Case Study: AIDS Patients at Wat Phrabaatnamphu 

The study was conducted on 38 AIDS patients at Wat Phrabaatnamphu. Every day, all patients consumed 1.5 litres of Activated MRET Water in addition to the prescribed Antiretroviral (ARV) and Symptomatic medicines. During the study, they were tested for CD4 counts and have to submit weekly reports.

The study showed that 36 patients showed significant improvement while 2 patient showed no improvement in their health condition. Two patients where selected to undergo further test at Bangkok Pathology Laboratories to test for CD4 level (immune system) and Viral Load (amount of virus present in body).

The tests revealed a CD4 increase from 2 to 840 for one patient and from 90 to 805 for another. Their viral load was less than 50 with a range from 50 — 5000 counts/ml.

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