The Physiological Effect of MRET Activated Water on Patients Suffering from AIDS

This particular article relates to a fundamental nature on how MRET Activated water with the modified molecular structure may enhance specific molecular mechanisms in living cells. The anomalous proton activity, modified electrodynamic characteristics and viscosity of MRET Activated water provide some evidence regarding the effect of MRET Activated water on electrical activity and proper function of the cells. Most cells and tissues have electrical properties relevant to their natural function. The living cells and tissues have rather complex structure, consisting of the folding membranes, the specialized connections, and organelles. The localization of electrical properties is particularly important, since each of the complex structures is expected to have a specific role in the electrical function of the tissue. MRET Activated water with modified proton activity and electrical conductivity can also have ability to enhance a proton pump activity of the cells. As a result it may lead to the restoration ofthe transduction signaling and the restoration of normal cellular functions. The clinical observation on patients suffering from AIDS disease proves the validity of the proposed hyposisis.

The Study

Dr. Peerayot Trongsawad, MD, Pension Officer, Ex-Director of AIDS Control Department, Bangkok Metropolis has been conducting clinical observations regarding the consumption of MRET-activated water by patients suffering from AIDS/HIV since August 2004. Dr. Peerayot’s interest in studying MRET-acti-vated water on AIDS/HIV was triggered when he saw how MRET Activated water consumption affected his “near-death” mother (85 years old) at Songkran hospital in April 2004. The consumption of MRET Activated water actually brought his mother back to life. She is now alive, healthy and well.

Dr. Peerayot introduced MRET technology to Ajarn Alongkut in August 2004.

Ajarn Alongkut is a well known Buddhists monk and the founder of the world famous non-profit AIDS/HIV foun-dation — Wat Phrabaatnamphu, located near Bangkok, Thailand. Initially only four patients drank MRET activated water at this center. All of them experienced significant improvements in their health within short period of time. For example, MRET water consumption provided evidence of dramatic improvement of the health condition and restoration of normal skin color of the patient Mr. Sa-ad:

The health improvement of Mr. Sa-ad was so encourag-ing that a larger scale clinical observation was agreed, with the cooperation of Wat Phrabaatnamphu and under the supervision of Dr. Peerayot.

The Observation

The study was conducted on 38 AIDS patients during July-August, 2005. All patients were consuming 1.5 liters of MRET activated water per day as a complimentary treatment in addition to the prescribed Antiretroviral (ARV) and Symptomatic medicines. During the course of clinical observation all 38 patients were tested on a regular basis for CD4 counts and required to submit weekly reports regarding their health conditions.

There was simultaneous observation of other group of AIDS patients during the same period of time. They were on the same type of prescribed ARV medication, but with-out the complimentary consumption of MRET water.

The Collection of Data
(July-August, 2005)

First method: collection and analysis of the weekly health condition reports and CD4 counts reports;
Second method: group interviews and personal interviews with patients which participated in this observation.

Findings Compiled from Both Methods

38 patients of the age between 19 and 49 years old responded the following way:

Interesting observation of the substantial increase of CD4 count was observed for:
Patient Mr. Sa-ad: CD4 count increased from initial 2 to final 840.
Patient Mr. Un-ruang: CD4 count increased from initial 90 to final 805.

Conclusions of the Observation

Group of patients on MRET water treatment:
Summarizing the observation results we can indicate that in compliance with the studied gradations of AIDS patients health conditions 36 patients showed significant improvement and 2 patients did show any improvement of their health condition.

Two patients were selected to undergo 2 tests at the Bangkok Pathology Laboratories. One test was to read the level of CD4 level (immune system) and the other is Viral Load (the amount of virus in the body). For CD4 reading, a normal body should have a range of 800 — 1200 cells / ml. Below the 800 level may be considered as weak immune system. For Viral Load, the instrument has the sensitivity to measure from 50 — 5000 counts / ml. The lower the number, the lesser the virus in the body, and lesser it attacks the health of our body.

Patient #1: Mr. Sa-ad:
The CD4 counts increased from 2 to 840 within 11 months of the consumption of MRET activated water. His Viral Load was less than 50.

Patient #2: Mr. Un-ruang:
The CD4 counts increased from 90 to 805 within 3 months of the consumption of MRET activated water. His Viral Load was also less than 50.

Group of patients without MRET water treatment:
The simultaneous observation of AIDS patients that were on ARV medicine but did not consume MRET activated water provides evidence that these patients did not show any significant improvement in their health condition.

Possible Scientific Explanation of the Above Result

MRET Activated Water is produced with the help of patented (US Patent No. 6,022,479), non-chemi-cal Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) method. The process of water activation induces the formation of water molecular clusters similar to water molecular structures found in living cells with the help of low frequency electromagnetic oscillations. The mecha-nism that explains the effect of electromagnetic fields on water is related to the existence of defects in molecular structure of water. The stable structural changes in water were detected in experiments by the UV luminescence spectrophotometer.

A number of the scientific investigations for MRET Activated water suggest the following results:
1. MRET Activated water can improve morphology of red blood cells which in turn enhance delivery of oxygen to the cells and withdrawal of toxins from the cells:

2. The benefits of MRET Water have been confirmed by extensive experimental work. Tests conducted at Moscow State University and CAI Environmental Laboratory, Carlsbad show that MRET treatment of water has the effect of balancing the pH index (alkaline/acid balance), the modification of electrical con-ductivity and dielectric permittivity. These findings suggest that MRET treatment of water can neutralize free radicals in the body and force the antibodies to return to their normal effective state. As a result the associ-ated immune deficiencies (Hyper immune and Auto immune) are automatically returned back to their optimum state due to the pre-ceding factors. The anomalous electrodynamic characteristics of MRET water provide some evidence regarding its possible effect on electrical activity of the cells. The relationship between such electrodynamic characteristic of water as dielectric permittivity and biochemi-cal activity of cells can be explained with the analysis of dispersion characteristics of deoxy-ribonucleids (DNA).

3. Test conducted at Moscow Sate University under supervision of Prof. Vysotskii also shows that after MRET treatment the viscos-ity of MRET water decreased dramatically by 400-500 times to compare with regular water in the area of small pressure magnitudes. It means that MRET water has a “super liquidity” characteristics and possesses very low resistance when penetrate through small porous and capillary in the body. Based on this fact it is possible to conclude that MRET water may significantly improve the cellular membranes function as well as the function of blood circulatory system in the body.

AIDS can continue to damage some types of brain tissue even when patients are receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy, according to the study published in the Report of “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”, October issue, 2005.

The researchers found that the AIDS patients had 10% to 15% thinner brain tissue in regions that control movement, language and feeling. The tissue loss shown in the brain imaging of the AIDS patients correlated with motor and cognitive defects that the patients showed in multiple brain function tests. In addition, the extent of the tissue loss seemed to be related to patients’ CD4+ T cell counts. “Even though antiretroviral drugs rescue the immune system, AIDS is still attacking the brain,” Thompson said, adding, “A protective blood barrier prevents drugs from entering the brain, transforming it into a reservoir where HIV can multiply and attack cells unchecked.” Paul Thompson, is a researcher at theDavid Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California -Los Angeles (“Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, October issue, 2005).

MRET Activated Water Enhances Development of Brain Tissues

In May 2005 the investigation was conducted at the Center for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases, University of Toronto under supervision of Dr. Fraser regarding the effect of MRET Activated Water in the TgCRND8 Transgenic Amyloid Mice Models (Alzheimer’s disease model). This research provided very interesting fact regarding the enhanced development of the brain tissues in the group of mice on MRET water. The mean value of total brain area for mice on MRET water was by 15% higher comparing with the mean value of total brain area for mice on Regular water (Fig. 4).

The most striking observation that was made during the course of our investigation was the increased longevity of the MRET-treated animals as compared to the controls. We typically see a 25-40% mortality in transgenic mice as is evidenced by the animals on the regular water administration. On the contrary, a significant decrease in this mortality rate was seen in the group of transgenic mice receiving the MRET Activated water. The 33% mortality rate was observed for mice on regular water, and 9% mortality rate for mice on MRET-treated water in this experiment (Fig. 5). This result means more than 70% decrease in mortality rate in the group of mice treated with MRET water compared to mice treated with regular water.

Thus, the results of this investigation provide the evidence that MRET water can stimulate and enhance the development of the brain tissues and consequently may regulate nerve cell maturation, survival, and repair. The theory of nerve growth factors (NGF) may shed light on the mechanism of MRET Water effect on animals with Alzheimer’s disease model. Such mechanism may explain the anomalous longevity of Transgenic Amyloid Mice Models treated with MRET Activated Water.

MRET Activated water has potential to enhance the health of persons suffering from AIDS/HIV:
Dr. Fraser’s research showed that brain tissue of mice on MRET water developed and grew better (by 15%) and as a result they lived longer (by 73%).

The “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” HIV/AIDS Report indicates that “the researchers found that AIDS patients had 10-15% thinner brain tissue”… Interesting enough that it correlates with the figures related to the increased development of the brain tissue of mice on MRET water found in Dr. Fraser’s study.

Another interesting result of the Report quotes “in addition, the extent of the tissue loss seemed to be related to patient’s CD4 + T cell counts”. Dr. Peerayot’s clinical observation of AIDS patients on MRET water showed the dramatic increase of CD4 counts (for one patient from initial 2 to final 840) and dramatic decrease of Viral Load (for some patients Viral Load was less than 50). The HIV/AIDS Report also states “Even though antiretroviral drugs rescue the immune system, AIDS is still attack-ing the brain”. In Dr. Peerayot’s observation of AIDS patients, health improvement was observed for the group of patients on MRET water, there was no improvement for AIDS patients from control group despite the fact that both groups were on antiretroviral therapy.


The interesting correlation of Dr. Fraser’s study, Dr. Peeroyot’s clinical observation and the October 2005 HIV/AIDS Report suggests the potential of MRET Activated water as a complementary consumption to enhance humans health, especially those suffering from AIDS/HIV disease. This clinical observation was conducted on a small number of patients which suggests that the results are preliminary and require additional large scale scientific investigation.

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