nique properties and benefits of MRET activated water based on research results in animal models and in vitro.

• MRET water has a unique long-range dynamic structuring similar to cell water. It is compatible with cell water and as a result it has the enhanced hydration capacities and it is easy absorbed by the tissues of the body. MRET water penetrates into the cells and eliminates from the cells about three times faster than regular water.

• Improves nutrient transport and assimilation due to the fact of faster hydration.

• Accelerates and improves the processes of extermination of waste products out of the body and the detoxification of the body due to the enhanced cellular hydration.

• The intensified hydration with the structured MRET water leads to the improvement of metabolism and of the process of regeneration of healthy cells. It also helps to slow down the process of ageing because this process is closely related to the cells dehydration. Therefore, the application of MRET water in cosmetic purposes improves the skin, strengthens and makes shine the hair.

• MRET water has antibacterial effect. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and mutated cells and supports the life activity of normal healthy cells.

• Aids in promoting healthy intestinal flora.

• Enhances the natural immune response, including the factors of natural resistance of the body against the penetration and reproduction of bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms, such as phagocytosis, thus strengthening the resistance of the body to infections.

• MRET water enhances the morphology of red blood cells and improves the process of rebounding of white blood cells.

Case Study: Mrs Thongsai Sukkavee

At first, Mrs Thongsai, aged 82, was panting heavily. She was immediately warded. Then a few days later, she suffered from a brain stroke. She was treated by a team of doctors with the best medication for 4 days. There was ZERO sign of improvement.

Then, Dr Peerayot Trongsawad requested the therapeutic team to replace regular water with MRET Activated Water into the ND tube — 20ml every 4 hours together with the medications. Four days later, Mrs Thongsai showed signs of recovery.

One month consumption of MRET Activated water, she was able to breath on her own without any medical support. Two months later, she has fully recovered.

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